Industrial & Construction Sight Incident/Accident Investigations

Our investigative approach provides a through and objective, third-party investigation. This process will ensure the preservation of information required for a successful outcome.

Our Investigators are skilled in the following construction site areas:

Near Misses

We have a thorough knowledge of OSHA rules, regulations and guidelines, and our investigators will conduct interviews during the investigative process to ensure all critical, time sensitive information and data is collected for processing.

Based on the facts; our investigative team will identify the cause of the incident, how to prevent similar incidents in the future, and determine compliance with applicable safety regulations.

Incidents that involve no injury or property damage should still be investigated to determine the hazards that should be corrected.

When a serious construction incident/accident occurs, it’s important that construction companies conduct a prompt and thorough incident/accident investigation. An incomplete, inaccurate or biased investigation may result in an increase your potential liability.